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Music Therapy is a creative way to allow emotions to be expressed and shared. Participants use, create, and listen to music as a way to release stress, pain, and troubling emotions. Our music therapy programs help participants improve their energy and create a purposeful, meaningful, and productive life.


(Blended Emotional Support Through Sound)

This program is a trifecta approach helping boys and young men deal with emotional trauma through music. Participants, through music, gain an understanding for managing their emotions through self-expression and self-awareness.

Expressive Arts Presentations​

“If Dad Was Here” – This multi-disciplinary musical presentation is blended with a fatherhood curriculum that informs an audience with the tenets of positive fatherhood. It is designed for encouraging, informing, and activating the fatherless child and fatherless father. (90 minutes)

“Helping Fatherless Persons Discover Their Passion” – This multi-disciplinary musical presentation is a two-part mentoring/coaching modeled session that is designed to lead to self discovery. Format involves a musical presentation and a group participative workshop. (2 hour)

“Emotional Freedom for Fatherless Men” – This multi-disciplinary musical presentation/workshop is designed for introducing the opportunity to reflect and address the emotional scars brought on by fatherlessness. Format is a two-part presentation that includes a musical expressive art information session and a group participative workshop.
(2 hour)


Healthy emotional expression through a music therapy model with instruments. Participants are trained to deal with troubling problems, emotions, and behaviors through the use of music.

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